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Posted: November 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

Chuck Talking Tech / by Chuck Bienenfeld
November 24, 2013

I know this is not a new idea and I’m a bit of a “Johnny come lately”, but I’m finally here blogging.  I did not want to start a blog until I had something of value to say.

As it is, I’ve been listening to a variety of podcasts for the better part of this year.  These include topics covering security on the internet, daily tech news updates, numerous Mac focused technology discussions, iOS and OSX, web browser tips and cool “didn’t know that” tips.

I am finding these topics very interesting due to the vast variety of information covered.  They express different points of view on many of the same topics, some supporting and others opposing.  These podcasts have quickly replaced my listening to the news, sports, or music on the radio during my daily commute or running of errands.  They also help pass the time when I run or exercise.  I have really come to love listening to these podcasts and as a result I find myself sharing the interesting tidbits of information.  As a logical result, this blog.

My goal with this blog is to take what I find interesting or relevant from the different podcasts and present the information in a more concise, digestible format, a one stop shop.  Some of the blogs may be quite long in order to cover a “how to” do something topic (why use a VPN when surfing free wifi or to anonymize your IP).  Where as others, quick short notes about something I wanted to make everyone aware of (Windows zero day attacks using .tiff files).  As topics are created they will be organized in the following categories for easier browsing and searching:

  • Security
  • Mac stuff
  • iOS/OSX
  • Application
  • How to’s
  • Browser stuff
  • Cool tips
  • Promo codes

I am looking to start with a weekly blog covering one primary topic and maybe a cool tip or two along with any security threats as I become aware of them.  I have plenty of topics saved in my Evernote notebooks (a great, versatile application I learned about on the Mac Power Users podcast that I will cover in a future blog).

Some early topic ideas, in no particular order are (with the obvious exception of the first 2):

  • Blog #2 – Why I do not surf free wifi without protection.  Anonymous and private, the way the internet was meant to be.
  • Blog #3 – Using OpenDNS and router settings to speed up surfing, better secure and limit home wifi access by device and time of day/night.How to create a guest access point on your home wifi network.
  • Why i moved from Apple’s podcast application to Downcast.
  • Why and how to encrypt email using Apple mail from you to the server .
  • The need for longer randomized passwords with today’s ever expanding hacker dictionaries.
  • With Yahoo.com reassigning email account why requesting a password reset can give access to your account to another person.
  • Why you should own your own domain name.
  • Evernote, need I say more
  • Using Chrome developer extension to manipulate YouTube videos, including skipping commercials.
  • Beyond rice to dry out your devices

You may be asking yourself “how do I stay up to date?”.  I will be posting new blog update summaries on my Facebook page as the posts become available.  It is also possible to subscribe to an RSS feed to receive the blog posts through the blog site chucktalkingtech.com as soon as the blog is updated or visit my companion Facebook page “Chuck Talking Tech” for complete bog posts.

I encourage everyone to feel free to “like” my Chuck Talking Tech Facebook page, as well as leave comments, provide topic suggestions or questions on the Facebook page as well as the blog site.  If you are thinking about a topic or have questions I’m sure someone else is wondering the same thing or others of us that perhaps should be.

  1. Rick Prins says:

    We didn’t have computers or video games when I was a kid. We had Pong.
    And we played that on an Etch-a-Sketch.

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