Did you know that, you did not know? That… Siri can help you “Siri”

Posted: December 5, 2013 in Did you know?
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I am sure I am like most of you out there and every once in a great while I’ll have time and the inclination to Google search the Siri commands.  As it turns out I only remember a few and sometimes get those wrong or I don’t remember all the additional options that get the appointment set at the right time or the reminder in the right group.

To my joy while I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts “Mac Power Users” in podcast 161 “Using Siri and Dictation” I picked up on this little, “I did not know that” item.

First hold down the home button and wait for Siri then peek at the lower left corner of the screen.  Low and behold there hidden in plain sight is a help question mark.  I never paid any attention to it before.  Now I can’t believe I did not see it there.  Tap the icon and you’ll see a list a categories of some of the things you can ask Siri.

Siri Categories

Click on one of the categories and you’ll see a list of command examples


I have found myself using Siri more often since learning this little tidbit.  It is This has proven to be a vast improvement over the occasional Google search and has help me remember a few more commands with more of the helpful options.

Hope this helps.

Chuck Talking Tech

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