Spotify comes to mobile, free (well, sort of)

Posted: December 14, 2013 in Were you aware that?
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Be it listening to old favorites (The White Album) or checking out something new before I decide to buy it (Crash My Party), I’ve always enjoyed the Spotify feature of being able to play complete albums on my Mac (or PC, before going over to the dark side).  There were also times when I’m more in the mood to listen to a variety of artist based on a genre or a specific artist.  For those times I do enjoy either Apple Radio or Pandora.

But, being a cheapskate I did not want to pay the $10 a month to be able to access Spotify on my mobile devices.  In those instances I stuck with the Apple Radio/Pandora options.  But now I’m happy to spread the news that Spotify has announced a free (ad supported) option for iOS and Android mobile devices (sorry Windows phone users you have to wait a bit longer).

With the tablet version, users have more control over the albums and playlists, more like when it is run on Mac or PC.  On my iPad I was able to listen to entire albums with only limited ad interruptions.  Smartphone option are a bit more limited.

Spotify has also announced that it has dropped it 10 hours per month limit on the mobile devices.

Well this is all good news to anyone who is looking to stream old favorites or check out some new hits.

Here is a link to an excellent article that goes into great detail as to what you can now do with the new mobile Spotify.

Happy listening

Chuck Talking Tech

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