Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts: Day 10 – Sesame Street: Free Episode

Posted: January 4, 2014 in Fun and free stuff
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Chuck Talking Tech / by Chuck Bienenfeld

January 4, 2013

Apple returns with day 10’s gift a free episode of Sesame Street from season 43. The episode 1 is “Great Vibrations.

iTunes Episode description:

Abby sees that Bob is teaching a music class and decides she’d like to join, but first she’ll need an instrument. Grover appears with a suitcase filled with all sorts of instruments for her to select from, when he decides he’s like to join too! Which instrument will he choose for himself?

Remember, as always this gift will be available on for 24 hours.  Enjoy the content and don’t forget to watch for tomorrow’s Apple gift

Gift Recap:

  • Day 1: Justin Timberlake’s iTunes Festival EP (music)
  • Day 2: “One Upon a Time” (TV pilot) and Tiny Thief (game)
  • Day 3: “Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2014″ (iBook)
  • Day 4: Toca House (game)
  • Day 5: Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo” (movie)
  • Day 6: Avicii’s New Year’s Eve Mix (music)
  • Day 7: Rayman Jungle Run (game)
  • Day 8: Diary of a Wimpy Kid (iBook)
  • Day 9: Kings of Leon (music)
  • Day 10: Sesame Street: Episode 1 is “Great Vibrations (tv show)

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