Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts: Day 12 – The Rolling Stones’ Hyde Park Live (music)

Posted: January 6, 2014 in Fun and free stuff
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Chuck Talking Tech / by Chuck Bienenfeld

January 6, 2013

For it’s last day of gifts Apple is bring out the big guns for the classic rock lovers in the United States and Canada.

This free gift includes several selections from the Rolling Stones’ “Sweet Summer Sun – Hyde Park Live” concert, which was recorded at London’s Hyde Park in July 2013:

The Rolling Stones historic and triumphant return to Hyde Park was without doubt the event of the summer. Over 100,000 delirious fans of all ages packed into the park for two spectacular outdoor concerts to watch Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood do what they do best. The Stones delivered a five star performance that had both fans and critics singing their praises. The set packed in hit after hit and saw the band joined by former guitarist Mick Taylor for a special guest appearance on two songs. This stunning concert film is the perfect way to celebrate the return of The Rolling Stones back where they truly belong: live on stage in their hometown.

Songs include 3 live performances of:

  • Beast of Burden
  • Tumbling Dice
  • Doom & Gloom

Remember, as always this gift will be available on for 24 hours.  Hope you enjoyed the Apple 12 Days of Gifts.

Gift Recap:

  • Day 1: Justin Timberlake’s iTunes Festival EP (music)
  • Day 2: “One Upon a Time” (TV pilot) and Tiny Thief (game)
  • Day 3: “Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2014″ (iBook)
  • Day 4: Toca House (game)
  • Day 5: Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo” (movie)
  • Day 6: Avicii’s New Year’s Eve Mix (music)
  • Day 7: Rayman Jungle Run (game)
  • Day 8: Diary of a Wimpy Kid (iBook)
  • Day 9: Kings of Leon (music)
  • Day 10: Sesame Street Episode 1 Season 43 (TV show)
  • Day 11: Mr Crab (game)
  • Day 12: The Rolling Stones’ Hyde Park Live (music)

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