About the Chuck

I know this is not a new idea but I’ve been listening to quite a variety of podcasts over the last couple of months.  These include security on the internet, daily tech new updates, numerous Mac focused technologies, iOS and OSX, web browser tips and cool “didn’t know that”.

My goal is that by taking what I find interesting or relevant from the different podcasts and presenting it in this format you will have a place to visit to learn new things in a more easily digestible format.  The topics will be organized in the following categories for easier browsing and searching:

  • Security
  • Mac
  • iOS/OSX
    • Application
    • How to’s
  • Browser/web
  • Cool tips

I am looking to start with a weekly blog covering one primary topic and maybe a cool tip or two.  I have plenty of topics saved in my Evernote notebooks.  A great, versatile application I learned about on the Mac Power Users podcast that I will cover in a future blog.  Hence, the catch line…

I encourage everyone to feel free to like, leave comments, provide topic suggestions or questions.  If you are thinking about a topic or have a questions I’m sure someone else is wondering the same thing or there are others of us that should be, but are not.  Also if after reading a post you want more information let me know.  I can always post a followup blog with more details and screenshots

Thanks for your time and valuable feedback,

Chuck Talking Tech

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